COD 4 Remastered Prestige run live

Join us live on launch night for a prestige run in cod 4 remastered.  

Rocket League Xbox One in testing, coming mid-February

Rocket League

Rocket League Xbox One in testing, coming mid-February   The Xbox One version of Rocket League draws ever closer. Ever since Rocket League dev Psyonix announced that the game is coming to Xbox One, fans haven’t stopped asking for a solid release date. While the studio always pegged it for …

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Division Beta Pre-Load Starts 48 Hours Before Launch

Division Beat Pre-Load

by Eddie Makuch on January 21, 2016 Division Beta Pre-Load The Division beta pre-load will apparently start two days before the shooter’s closed multiplayer beta starts on Jan. 28th.   With The Division‘s upcoming closed multiplayer beta starting soon, Ubisoft has now said that players will be able to pre-load …

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@withtheangels82 is at #GameStopExpo 2015


Article by Sina Beigi from the site dayherald.som FURTHER DETAILS ON LOWRIDER CARS, EDITOR MODE, NEW GAMEPLAY AND MISSION CATEGORIES The GTA gamers are currently expecting something exciting as some new gameplay content and features were revealed by renowned YouTuber MrBossFTW and they are expected to be present in the …

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Introducing Battlefield Hardline: Robbery

Head over to the battlelog for the source of this article. After getting organized in Battlefield™ Hardline: Criminal Activity, the top gangs are drawing up plans, stockpiling gear, and risking it all to pull off the boldest, craziest heists ever in Battlefield Hardline: Robbery, the second expansion pack for Battlefield …

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